This is by far the best pet store in Havasu

They carry almost everything you need/want for your pet, and can order what they don’t keep in stock, from what I’m told.
Prices are very reasonable (remember, you’re buying quality and healthy pet supplies) for their products (actually priced right about what it would be online.
Lots of pet toys, treats (including all kinds of special treats, like baked treats, frozen treats, etc.), accessories, harnesses, leashes, and best of all, all kinds of brands of HIGH QUALITY PET FOOD!

This place is run by people who love pets, and they are always willing to help out and answer questions. The staff is excellent, especially Bre!
Like most pet supply stores, they allow you to bring your dog(s) in, as long as they are friendly with other pets, (especially cats, since they have two cats in store), and are on a leash.

I really can’t stress how awesome this place is, easily my favorite business in Havasu!