Pet Foods

Blue Buffalo Pet Products

Blue Buffalo

BLUE is made with the unique combination of high-quality, natural ingredients plus exclusive LifeSource® Bits.

All of the great-tasting, natural and holistic BLUE dog food and BLUE cat food recipes feature:

  • Deboned chicken, lamb or fish is the FIRST ingredient
  • Wholesome whole grains
  • Garden vegetables and antioxidant-rich fruit
Canddae Pet Foods


CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE dry food comes in a variety of nutritious formulas—all made with only 7-10 key ingredients.

Every recipe features fresh meat or fish first, complimented by whole foods like sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and peas.

These simple recipes are perfect for pets with or without food sensitivities. Made in the U.S.A.


Fromm Family

Four Star

Fromm Four-Star offers your dog the variety they deserve. We’ve designed our entire line to compliment one another allowing you to switch between and combine recipes. Your dog’s dining experience will never be the same again.


A holistic approach to complete and balanced nutrition.


Lots of families pass down classics from generation to generation, ours happen to be recipes for pet food.

Great Life Pet Foods

Great Life

Great Life Performance Pet Products is coated and saturated with Nutri-Coat™ — a unique blend of freeze-dried raw ingredients.

Each highly digestible kibble is extremely nutritious with active nutrients.

Great Life Performance Pet Products is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile for ALL LIFE STAGES.

Natura Pet Food


Every Innova pet product incorporates elements from the five food pyramid groups – meat, dairy, vegetables, fruit and grain – plus essential fats and oils to deliver supreme nutrition for the overall health of your dog or cat.


EVO dog and cat food is completely grain-free. In fact, EVO has the highest protein content of any meat-based dry pet food on the market and uses whole, fresh meat sources such as turkey, chicken and herring meal!

California Natural

California Natural offers complete and balanced nutrition in its most pristine form. It’s more than a food for pets, it’s a nutritionally superior recipe. In using so few ingredients, California Natural satisfies your pet’s hunger without upsetting the digestive system. We’re proud to boast that our ingredient list is among the shortest of dry pet foods, and that we use only natural ingredients plus essential vitamins and minerals.

Natural Balance Pet Foods

Natural Balance

Alpha® formulas have a unique combination of multiple protein sources combined with garbanzo beans for a balanced diet. In addition to garbanzo beans, we’ve added blueberries, zucchini and apples. This line is great for healthy digestion with prebiotics that feed the beneficial bacteria that reside in a healthy digestive tract to maintain optimal digestive health. Alpha® is a completely grain-free formula that uses grain-free carbohydrate sources like sweet potatoes to provide the energy your dog needs to thrive in his natural form.


Natural Planet Organics

Natural Planet Organics has taken all the guesswork out of feeding your pet, leaving you with the peace of mind that you are making the best choice-the healthy choice-for your pet. This is not just another organic pet food. Our formulas incorporate core organic nutrition, proteinated minerals (which means they are in their natural form and more easily digested), prebiotics, probiotics, the perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and natural antioxidants.


Nutri Source

NutriSource® is highly digestible for maximum nutrient absorption and each formula is nutritionally complete so more of the concentrated nutrition is retained by your dog. This means you can feed your dog less; as much as two-thirds less than other brands.

Victor Super Premium Pet Food

Victor Super Premium Pet Food

Victor is a Super Premium pet food manufactured by family owned and operated Texas based Mid America Pet Food.   Victor Premium Dog Food is distributed thru a network of independent distributors that service independent retailers across the United States.

The Victor line now includes:

5 Highly Active & Sporting Dog Formulas
5 Normally Active Dog Formulas
4 Grain Free Formulas