Dorita and Scott Bare

Dorita’s Place opened in May of 2006 with one mission; Provide all natural dog and cat food and to educate pet owners about pet nutrition.

We believe the single most important contribution you can make to your own pets health and longevity begins with the quality of food you choose for them.

It’s important that pet owners start reading nutritional labels on dog and cat food, just like the food they buy and serve to their family. “The reality is that buying and feeding your pet all-natural foods will help your pet stay healthy, allowing you to enjoy your pet even longer.”

At Dorita's Place all our customers get treats

All Our Customers get Treats


We are more than just a pet store; we care about you and your pet.

If you have not been in to visit us yet, you and your pet will be in for a real treat, let us assist you in choosing a food that will enhance your pet’s health.

At Dorita’s, dogs and cats are people too!